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I Am Woman Hear Me Roar

25 November
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Im married to the grumpiest man on earth but i love him :o) i have two of the best kids on earth! I work part time, and am going to school to finish off my bachelors degree in business administration. I will then be continuing on to get my Masters in teaching so I can become a Secondary English teacher. I love taking pictures! Lots of them!! Im pretty good at it too! I also love to bake and cook! All the time! Thats why fall is my favorite season! Someday I hope to open my own restaraunt/bakery! I love fall! I love halloween! There is nothing better than a crisp fall day with the leaves falling, the smell of pumpkin spice in the air and a nice hot cup of coffee! Christmas is my second fav holiday!! There is nothing better than seeing Christmas lights, sharing memories with family, and going out to chop your own Christmas tree on a crisp winter day!